Our Story

The world is filled with beans of different origins, roasts, and flavors. Coffee is one of the most diverse and readily available products on earth, and while we love fishing, and we love coffee, we realized that we had to do more than throw a fish on the package to become your brand of choice.

We started with the product itself. Kim, our roaster, spent years researching beans and mastering her craft before she settled on the two blends that we started with. Her mission is to produce the best coffee you can find, and we believe she has done it.

As you read this, Kim will be working in her Dorset, Vermont bean laboratory, refining angler-friendly roasts, brews, and packaging solutions that will win over even the snobbiest of size-32 midges.

Great coffee was a good start, but we decided that we wanted to contribute to the angling world we love so dearly even further. To put our money where this blurb is, we have partnered with Trout Unlimited on their 5 Rivers college outreach program, 2% for Conservation on their time and sales commitment, and pushed ourselves to limit the plastic waste in our packaging. We understand that the biggest threat to our waters is a population that doesn’t care about them. So we are here to maximize the enthusiasm of our fishing populous.

Along with all this technical business, we promise you that we will deliver the very best in fishing storytelling, film, imagery, and overall piscatorial pornography.

That’s about it.

Here’s to clean water, hungry fish, and you, the Early Riser.



our roaster

Kim Bryant is the exact type of understated badass you’d want to have roasting your coffee.

A lifelong fishing guide, she has led groups of anglers to fishy locales around the globe, puncturing fresh and saltwater mandibles on the ol’ hook and feather. When she isn’t filling fish faces with surprise, she is filling yours with ethically sourced, hand roasted, small batch caffeinated mastery.

Kim lives in Vermont, where she roasts your favorite coffee in a small space where she has spent the past few years perfecting the roasts preferred by aquatic dawn-chasers the world round. She’s a mother of two, master of The Brew, and would give anyone a run for their money with a rod in hand.”

*Kim didn’t write this so she isn’t as cocky as it sounds.